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The Royal Leger of Triangulus Montis Vernonii

Nathan (Seer | Grand Strategist)

  • Residence: CCM Street in Triangulus Montis Vernonii (The Triangular Stronghold)
    • Notable Landmarks: The Iron Triangle Square, Vernon’s Watch Tower
  • Ruler Title: Lord Nathan of Triangulus Montis Vernonii
    • Skills: Maester’s Knowledge
    • Traits: Charismatic, strategic, and a visionary in the realm of propaganda, persuasion, and special orientation.
    • Notable Achievements: Known for elevating the reputation and influence of Triangulus Montis Vernonii through clever advertising campaigns, securing the loyalty of its subjects.
  • Alias: Super Producer

Stephanie (The Artisan of Luminescence)

  • Residence: Atlantara Vale
  • Ruler Title: Lady Stephanie of Atlantara Vale
    • Skills: Artistic Alliances
    • Traits: Insightful, adaptable, and ethereal, she possesses a keen eye for the mystical and a deep understanding of the visual arts of her time.
    • Notable Achievements: In Atlantara Vale, Lady Stephanie’s luminous vision illuminated a renaissance in artistic expression. Similarly, she crafted a monumental piece for the Triangular Stronghold that became an emblem of intertwined destinies and cultural reverence. With her discerning eye, she has recognized and cultivated nascent talents from the Stronghold, championing their unique artistic voices. Through her endeavors, Lady Stephanie’s legacy as the beacon of artistic brilliance in both Atlantara Vale and the Triangular Stronghold has been firmly established.
  • Street Name: Photo Pharaoh (Acknowledging her critical yet authoritative and creative presence in the world)

Geraldine (The Healing Harbinger)

  • Residence: Connterra
  • Ruler Title: Lady Geraldine of Connterra
    • Skills: Practices the ancient healing arts
    • Traits: Compassionate, nurturing, and life-infusing, she encourages the people of Connterra to embrace their natural surroundings and the bonds of family.
    • Notable Achievements: Geraldine’s healing touch has rekindled countless lives, and her feasts are renowned for their ability to rejuvenate both body and spirit in Connterra.
  • Alias: Wellness Nexus

Phil (Thought Weaver)

  • Residence: Marylandus Residens
    • Notable Landmarks: The Residens Retreat, Phil’s Crossing
  • Ruler Title: Lord Phil of Marylandus Residens, also known as the Maryland Exile
    • Day Job: Mind Healer
    • Skills: Proficient in understanding the complex human mind, offering counsel and solace to troubled souls.
    • Traits: Empathetic, patient, and an exceptional listener, aiding those who seek to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of their thoughts.
    • Night Job: Moonlight Artisan
    • Notable Achievements: Phil, known as the Moonlight Artisan of Marylandus Residens, has achieved acclaim for his artistry, with oil paintings and sketches adorning noble residences and galleries. Under the alias “Polaroid Papi,” his nighttime photography has garnered a devoted following. As a Mind Healer, he offers empathetic counsel to countless individuals, promoting mental well-being. Phil also combines his artistic and therapeutic skills to organize community workshops and events, fostering unity. Additionally, he’s engaged in charity and community initiatives, making him a multifaceted and influential figure in Marylandus Residens, impacting its culture and the emotional well-being of its people.
  • Alias: Polaroid Papi

Wayne (Melodic Magnus)

  • Residence: Bowiensis Terra (aka Bowie, Maryland)
  • Ruler Title: Lord Wayne of Bowiensis Tera
    • Skills: Wayne, a master of adaptability, eagerly embraces novel challenges, even if they demand rigorous training. His versatility spans the realms of creative arts and meticulous craftsmanship.
    • Traits: As a social chameleon, Wayne effortlessly assimilates into the mosaic of any social milieu, earning him the revered status of an esteemed presence in all circles. His adaptability is only surpassed by his boundless creative spirit.
    • Notable Achievements: Wayne’s boundless adaptability and insatiable curiosity have enriched the cultural legacy of Bowiensis Terra. His craftsmanship and harmonious melodies have enchanted gatherings across the realm. Wayne’s contributions to campaigns in Triangulus Montis Vernonii have left a lasting impression on the realm’s creative landscape.
  • Alias: Bruce Wayne

Ben (The Noma Noble):

  • Residence: Novalis Maris
    • Notable Landmarks: The Maris Market, Ben’s Watchful Keep
  • Ruler Title: Lord Ben of Novalis Maris, Guardian of Triangulus Montis Vernonii
    • Profession: Maester of Ingenium
    • Skills: Possesses unmatched knowledge in crafting ingenious mechanical devices and technology.
    • Traits: Analytical, forward-thinking, and a pioneer in shaping the future of technology in the realm.
    • Notable Achievements: Leads groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of mechanical innovation in Novalis Maris and The Triangular Stronghold, resulting in innovative technology that elevates everyday life throughout the realm.
  • Alias: Tech Lead

Taylor (Lensweaver)

  • Residence: Taylor’s Roaming Realm
    • Wandering Territories: Taylor’s travels span from the Northern Wilds to the Desert Kingdoms, never lingering in one place for too long.
  • Ruler Title: Lady Taylor of the Wandering Lens
    • Skills: Taylor, a fearless leader and skilled lensweaver, captures the essence of life in the realm through her artistry in sketches and illuminated manuscripts. Her craft evolves with each new location, and she excels at creating captivating campaigns that enhance visual storytelling.
    • Traits: Taylor embodies the nomadic spirit of old, forging paths in search of inspiration, much like a troubadour. Her adaptability, innovative approach, and determined attitude thrive amidst diverse landscapes and cultures.
    • Notable Achievements: Taylor’s nomadic lifestyle has transformed her domain into a hub of creativity and innovation, earning respect from artisans and entrepreneurs across the lands. Her leadership and collaboration with The Triangular Stronghold have resulted in numerous successful campaigns, each a testament to her mastery of visual storytelling in this ever-evolving world.

Alias: T-Wayne

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