24 Hours To Raise Money For COVID-19

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Capture Create Media works with Unite Us to produce two videos for a 24 hour live stream fundraising event.

The livestream raised over 80 million dollars to aide victims hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. The videos were featured alongside messages by Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Tim Shriver, Quincy Jones and other celebrities from around the world. Here’s a link to the two commercials:

Commercial #1:

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There comes a time in our lives when we are called on to do more than expected. My segment for @thecalltounite alongside @timothyshriver @mariashriver @oprah @quincydjones @diddy @deepakchopra @tonyrobbins @cthagod and many other great leaders was one of those moments. —————————————————— It wasn’t enough to speak to the world from the comfort of my home. Since the establishment of the United States of America we have continuously had leaders in our government and public institutions that blatantly disrespect the humanity and worth of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Especially, the lives of Black and Brown people. Now is no different. ——————————————————— The lack of regard our leaders have for the lives of Black and Brown people is despicable. Unfortunately, we have now reached an all time low where that has trickled down to our healthcare workers and first responders as they fight for their lives to give others survival. ——————————————————— My team’s stance in front of the Supreme Court reminds us that it isn’t these “great” institutions that make or break us, nor validate our humanity and worth. It is us. The PEOPLE. From all walks of life, varying skin tones, shapes and sizes. It is our collective action. Our unity. Our resilience in overcoming all obstacles our leaders lay down for us to climb over. ———————————————————— It is only up to us. Now more than ever we have to stand up like we have so many times in the past. We have to be strong for one another. More vocal than we have ever been. More giving than we have ever sacrificed. More loving than we have ever imagined. ———————————————————— Tonight, I light a candle for Ahmaud Arbery. I pray for him and all the people in our world being senselessly killed. I pray for all the COVID-19 victims and their loved ones. I pray for all those fighting to say lives. I pray for our leaders. I pray for a better tomorrow. ———————————————————— We all have the power to do more. Lean into the discomfort and pain this world is causing. You have every ounce of bravery you need to be the change and beacon of hope we need in this world. Make the decision that now is when you step into your greatness. STAND UP!

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Commercial #2:

Special thanks to all of the contributors on this project: