“Quarantined” A Photo Series

As we look back at a year of change and adaptation, the goal of this photo series is to give a positive outlook on what we think about when hearing the word Quarantine. This series takes place at a current time where being in quarantine is coming to an end and society is shifting back to regular life.

 While we reflect on what was a coarse time for all of us, this series aims to give an unrealistic, elegant, fun and high-end look to “Quarantined” living through interior aesthetics, elegant clothing and the diversity of the models themselves. With styling by District Stitch x Critique Style, each model is seen with their own personal look to give the series character. 

CCM presents to you “Quarantined” a photo series by Imani Washington.

Models: Cameron Cooper, Kaylan Tanner, Ramtin Vaziri, Sapphire Achilles, Maresa Miranda, Tonio Smith

Styled by: DistrictStitch (@district_stitch) & CritiqeStyle (@critiquestyle)


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“Quarantined” A Photo Series

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